August 12, 2013

Matteo Scalera(DA)(Blog)(@)


Matteo Scalera(DA)(Blog)(@)

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August 12, 2013

Attack of the Monsters aka Gamera vs. Guiron . ‘69


Attack of the Monsters aka Gamera vs. Guiron . ‘69

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August 12, 2013

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February 4, 2013

Fuck the South. Fuck ‘em. We should have let them go when they wanted to leave. But no, we had to kill half a million people so they’d stay part of our special Union. Fighting for the right to keep slaves - yeah, those are states we want to keep.

And now what do we get? We’re the fucking Arrogant Northeast Liberal Elite? How about this for arrogant: the South is the Real America? The Authentic America. Really?

Cause we fucking founded this country, assholes. Those Founding Fathers you keep going on and on about? All that bullshit about what you think they meant by the Second Amendment giving you the right to keep your assault weapons in the glove compartment because you didn’t bother to read the first half of the fucking sentence? Who do you think those wig-wearing lacy-shirt sporting revolutionaries were? They were fucking blue-staters, dickhead. Boston? Philadelphia? New York? Hello? Think there might be a reason all the fucking monuments are up here in our backyard?

No, No. Get the fuck out. We’re not letting you visit the Liberty Bell and fucking Plymouth Rock anymore until you get over your real American selves and start respecting those other nine amendments. Who do you think those fucking stripes on the flag are for? Nine are for fucking blue states. And it would be 10 if those Vermonters had gotten their fucking Subarus together and broken off from New York a little earlier. Get it? We started this shit, so don’t get all uppity about how real you are you Johnny-come-lately “Oooooh I’ve been a state for almost a hundred years” dickheads. Fuck off.

Arrogant? You wanna talk about us Northeasterners being fucking arrogant? What’s more American than arrogance? Hmmm? Maybe horsies? I don’t think so. Arrogance is the fucking cornerstone of what it means to be American. And I wouldn’t be so fucking arrogant if I wasn’t paying for your fucking bridges, bitch.

All those Federal taxes you love to hate? It all comes from us and goes to you, so shut up and enjoy your fucking Tennessee Valley Authority electricity and your fancy highways that we paid for. And the next time Florida gets hit by a hurricane you can come crying to us if you want to, but you’re the ones who built on a fucking swamp. “Let the Spanish keep it, it’s a shithole,” we said, but you had to have your fucking orange juice.

The next dickwad who says, “It’s your money, not the government’s money” is gonna get their ass kicked. Nine of the ten states that get the most federal fucking dollars and pay the least… can you guess? Go on, guess. That’s right, motherfucker, they’re red states. And eight of the ten states that receive the least and pay the most? It’s too easy, asshole, they’re blue states. It’s not your money, assholes, it’s fucking our money. What was that Real American Value you were spouting a minute ago? Self reliance? Try this for self reliance: buy your own fucking stop signs, assholes.

Let’s talk about those values for a fucking minute. You and your Southern values can bite my ass because the blue states got the values over you fucking Real Americans every day of the goddamn week. Which state do you think has the lowest divorce rate you marriage-hyping dickwads? Well? Can you guess? It’s fucking Massachusetts, the fucking center of the gay marriage universe. Yes, that’s right, the state you love to tie around the neck of anyone to the left of Strom Thurmond has the lowest divorce rate in the fucking nation. Think that’s just some aberration? How about this: 9 of the 10 lowest divorce rates are fucking blue states, asshole, and most are in the Northeast, where our values suck so bad. And where are the highest divorce rates? Care to fucking guess? 10 of the top 10 are fucking red-ass we’re-so-fucking-moral states. And while Nevada is the worst, the Bible Belt is doing its fucking part.

But two guys making out is going to fucking ruin marriage for you? Yeah? Seems like you’re ruining it pretty well on your own, you little bastards. Oh, but that’s ok because you go to church, right? I mean you do, right? Cause we fucking get to hear about it every goddamn year at election time. Yes, we’re fascinated by how you get up every Sunday morning and sing, and then you’re fucking towers of moral superiority. Yeah, that’s a workable formula. Maybe us fucking Northerners don’t talk about religion as much as you because we’re not so busy sinning, hmmm? Ever think of that, you self-righteous assholes? No, you’re too busy erecting giant stone tablets of the Ten Commandments in buildings paid for by the fucking Northeast Liberal Elite. And who has the highest murder rates in the nation? It ain’t us up here in the North, assholes.

Well this gravy train is fucking over. Take your liberal-bashing, federal-tax-leaching, confederate-flag-waving, holier-than-thou, hypocritical bullshit and shove it up your ass.

And no, you can’t have your fucking convention in New York next time. Fuck off.


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June 4, 2011
bat sin ste a dofbi rds: I don't write.



I haven’t been moved to compose anything in a long time, because of the very fact that it comes off as “Here stream of consciousness thing wherein I examine A, B, and C and masturbate with dog-eared collection of $.25 words and wave flags to gain attention.”

Sure, all of it.


December 18, 2010
"I anticipate ‘no’, ‘hell no’, and ‘no effing way’"

November 3, 2010
"Dear gay people of Georgia, I’m gonna need about 500+ of you to travel around the state with me, going from rural county to rural county, making out on the courthouse stairs in drag with one another. Fuck you hillbillies. We’re going to fag your town up so hard your kids are gonna piss long island iced teas."

— Julian Modugno, in response to the congressional election results

November 3, 2010

All I want is for my mom to say “hello, how are you, and how’s your boyfriend?” Just once.

October 21, 2010
It gets better.

I’m 22 now, living in Sydney with a very delightful man, sharing a spacious 1 bedroom apartment and enjoying my life to excess.

I could have never imagined myself, a boy from a small town in Northern Georgia with excruciatingly conservative Jehovah’s Witness parents ever living anywhere outside of their authoritarian home. I never really could have imagined that my life would be free for me to decide how to live it and experience it.

I could not have been more wrong.

At 16 I was kicked out of my family home, but was very fortunate to have a school friend’s family take me in for two years until I finished high school. If they had not been there, I don’t know where I would have gone. In that regard, I was incredibly lucky. My mother, bent on controlling my life from afar had my car I paid for towed, and also dragged me to court under charges of an “unruly minor”, said I threatened to kill my grandfather and tried to run down my father. Even living with another family, my life was stressful.

The court ruled against her and granted custody to the family I lived with, and she was prohibited from harassing me any further.

It got just a little better.

I graduated from high school, and because I had the support of the family I lived with, I was encouraged to go to college. Two years into college, having the confidence that was imbued in me from them and my freedom of experience away from the self esteem crushing forces of my biological family, I decided to travel with money I had saved.

Yadda yadda yadda, I live in Australia now with my partner while studying and living in one of the best cities in the world.

Let me say, IT GETS BETTER. Ahem. It gets so much better, you could not even imagine.

October 21, 2010
Man, I’m the poster child for “it gets better”

I really am! I’m going to make a video later.